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PPF / Vinyl Coating

Did you just wrap your vehicle in vinyl wrap or clear protection film but want additional protection to preserve your film? Over time films can fade in color or clear wrap can yellow and discolor. Feynlab has a formula developed specifically for use on vinyl wrap and paint protection film be it satin, matte, or gloss that can help to preserve your wrap and add the following features.

  • Enhances gloss on appropriate finishes while leaving satin and matte surfaces with dulled finish

  • Impressive Hydrophobicity for easier cleaning

  • UVA and UVB protection to prevent fading

  • Chemical resistance to prevent staining


Call us for pricing on your freshly wrapped vehicle! Wicked Auto Detailing proudly serves Irvine, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wheel Coating

Tired of struggling to clean brake dust and having dirt etched into your wheels? Feynlab has the solution to make your life easier and protect your new or old wheels! With an extremely high 70% solid content, Feynlab Wheel and caliper to the beating of daily dirt and grime while also making your wheels insanely easy to clean! While not bullet proof, you'll cut your wheel cleaning time in 1/2 with the hydrophobic protection this formula adds to your wheels or calipers. The Wicked application method creates a shield up to 15 microns thick, most services apply by hand which not only wastes product but requires leveling which takes off a lot of the thickness and can also make it difficult to reach into cracks/crevices or around the difficult to reach areas on multi piece or complex wheel patterns. We use a low pressure air brush to spray coating onto your wheels which covers the wheel entirely and requires no leveling which maximizes protection. This has zero effects on the sheen on matte or satin wheels and we can add glossy top coats to gloss painted wheels for additional shine.


Call us for pricing! Pricing varies based on the following

  • New Wheels in the box

  • Wheels off the car in need of a cleaning

  • Pulling wheels off car to clean and coat

  • Wheel faces only

Tire Coating

Are you tired of tire dressing flinging down your car after a detail is done? Want to have permanent shine on your tires so theres no need for dressing on every wash or detail? Feynlabs innovative team came up with a solution! A permanent tire coating with up to 1 year of durability with proper care. Water will roll off your tires and you'll notice they stay cleaner looking longer! 1 layer gives that clean new tire look, 2 layers will give a semi-gloss dressed look and 3 layers add a high gloss finish to your tires! We recommend doing this on newer tires.


Call for pricing! Varies on size of wheel and tire!

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