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A ceramic coating will not only save you time and money but will even protect your car from...

  • UV damage and fading

  • Hard water spots

  • Dirt & Mud

  • Oxidation

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Fenylab Ceramic Coatings

Feynlab ceramic coatings are the undisputed best ceramic coatings. It leverages self-healing nanotechnology developed by Oxford University scientists. In fact, Feynlabs head scientist, John Suerth, is the one who coined the term "ceramic coating" more than 15 years ago. 


Feynlab coatings act as an extremely hard sacrificial layer between your clear coat and the harsh elements of the outside world. In fact, this layer is 3x harder than your paints clear coat which preserves your vehicles original paint as well as its resale value. 


Ceramic coating also offers the best UV protection which prevents fading and oxidation even after months of direct sun exposure. And while that's all very useful, you'll love how low maintenance your car becomes after this coating. 


Once the ceramic coating has been applied, you never need to wax your car again. The Feynlab coating is completely hydrophobic which repels dirt and water as soon as they touch the surface. It prevents chemical stains from bird droppings, tree sap, and remains permanently shiny. It cuts the time you spend on washing your car in half! 

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We offer a variety of ceramic coating packages to meet your budget and needs. Call us now for a free, instant over the phone quote! 

Call us now for an instant quote: (760) 994-3609


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What Is A Ceramic Coating?

A Ceramic Coating is a protective permanent coating for your paint. It is hydrophobic, lightly scratch resistant, chemical resistant, oxidation resistant, UV resistant, Self healing, and many other great things! They provide a sacrificial layer of protection between your clear coat and harmful elements such as bird poop, tree sap, acid rain, etc. Instead of your paint taking the damage, the ceramic coating will and it is easily fixable later on!

Why Get A Ceramic Coating?

We are Orange County California's authorized Ceramic Pro and Feynlab coating installer. We have numerous products to coat your paint, trim, wheels, windows, interior and more! If you are sick of waxing your car on the weekends, sick of paying for monthly details, tired of endless swirl marks in your cars paint, or just want to protect your original paint, then it is time for you to get a ceramic coating.

Anthony P.

These guys rescued my car from the terrible job that another detailer did to it. Sam and his staff are super knowledgeable. They had my car done in under 4 days. They performed a flawless paint correction, a top to bottom ceramic coating and a full clear bra. Working with them was very easy and they understood my budget. They figured out what I could afford and didn't pressure to add on more things than I needed. If you care enough about the longevity of your car's paint and appearance then definitely head over to Wicked Auto Detailing!

Frank C.

Recently got my car Ceramic Coated (silver package) and tinted. Car came out looking amazing and smooth. Sam is professional and him and his team are very knowledgeable on the products they use and are extremely detailed with their prep work and process. He pointed out to me the tintjob done for my car was not up to their standard and showed me where the tint wasn't perfect as their usual tinter had been out due to medical reasons. Will be going back to get my tint redone by them as Sam offered to have it redone at no charge. This gesture shows how much they value the quality of their work and don't stand for nothing less than perfection. Will definitely be taking my car here for any future detailing needs and will gladly recommend his business to anyone looking to do any paint correction, coating, or PPF.

Get $150 Off Coating Packages Over $1,000!

First 100 People Only!

Popular Ceramic Packages

Feynlab Ceramic Lite

Ceramic lite is an ultra slick, durable, glossy and extremely hydrophobic. It is warrantied for 1 year but can easily last longer if cared for! It is one of our highest gloss coatings and is also used to top off our other Feynlab ceramic coating packages.

  • Includes Express Polish & Protect Pre Coating Prep

  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Lite applied to painted surfaces

  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Lite applied to front window

  • 1 year warranty

Starting at $695

Feynlab Ceramic 

This is an ultra-high solids coating that forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. This gives Ceramic extreme temperature resistance (up to 750 degrees Celsius), the ultimate scratch resistance, intense gloss, and magnificent hydrophobicity. CERAMIC also provides UV protection, and chemical resistance (acid rain), protecting the paint from fading for many years. This coating is warrantied for 3 years but will outlast that time if maintained.

  • Includes Express Polish & Protect Pre Coating Prep

  • 1 layer of Ceramic applied to paint

  • 1 Layer of Top coat applied to paint

  • 1 layer of wheel and caliper applied to wheel faces

  • 1 layer of plastic applied to plastic trim

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Lite applied to windshield

  • 3 year warranty

Starting at $895

Feynlab Self Heal Lite 

This product was developed with darker colored vehicles in mind, where swirl marks and “spider web” scratches are more visible. Micro-swirls are inevitable on darker colored cars, no matter how careful you may be, how many buckets you use during washing or what our competition have promised you about their Ceramic Coatings, micro-swirls just happen. HEAL LITE is our answer to this, heat from the sun will cause the Ceramic Polymer Matrix to re-set, if you are in a rush you could use a hair dryer or some hot water (at your own risk!).

  • 1 layer of Self Heal lite applied to paint

  • 1 layer of Top coat applied to paint

  • 1 layer of Wheel and caliper applied to wheel faces

  • 1 layer of Plastic applied to plastic surfaces

  • 1 layer of Ceramic Lite applied to front windshield

Just $2,000

Feynlab Self Heal Plus

Feynlab Self heal plus, The optimal solution to keeping your vehicle looking. Dark colored vehicles retain their true color due to self healing ability which heals out light swirls and wash marks. Heal plus is the thickest and most advanced nano coating on the market, in addition to the revolutionary self heal power, the ceramic backbone of Heal plus creates a highly durable (up to 15 micron thick) protective layer with ultimate gloss and slickness. To activate healing park outside in direct sun in 85 degree or higher weather. Fine scratches will disappear. This coating offers unparalleled levels of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available. 7 year warranty offer. 

  • 1 layer of Heal Plus applied to paint (done in 3 stages)

  • 1 layer of Top coat applied to paint

  • 1 layer of Wheel and Caliper applied to wheel faces

  • 1 layer of Plastic applied to plastics

  • 1 layer of Ceramic lite applied to windshield

  • 7 year warranty

Only $3,500

Get $150 Off Coating Packages Over $1,000!

First 100 People Only!