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Window tint provides many more benefits than you may think. Get window tint for...

  • Keeping Cool

  • Protecting Your Interior

  • Privacy

  • Shatter Proofing

  • Avoiding Sunburn While Driving

  • Better Driving

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Whatever Your Reasoning May Be, Window Tint Keeps Both You And Your Car Protected. 

Why Should I Get Window Tint?

No matter how you look at it or what your needs are, window tint is a must have. The heat and UV rays from the sun can not only be harmful to your skin but your interior as well. Window tint helps block these harmful rays and keeps you cool at the same time. 

Types Of Window Tint

Different types of window tint film have different properties and performance when it comes to cooling and blocking harmful UV rays. We install only the best carbon, ceramic, and nano-ceramic films on the market, available in light, medium, and dark shades. All of our films come with a lifetime warranty!

George A.

Being a first-timer when it comes to tinting I was apprehensive about going along with it, but after looking around everywhere, doing some research, multiple people ended up recommending Wicked Auto to me and after many questions later Sam gave me a great deal and an amazing tint with a life time warranty. Not only was he and his staff, with 20+ years of experience, very kind and caring to me and got my tint done in a couple hours. He also took the time to answer any questions I had and was very patient with me which shows the level of care he has for all his customers, from those that ride McLarens to those that are tinting a Honda Accord for the first time.  IN SHORT, amazing customer care, precise tints with no flaws, and good prices for the equally good quality tint you receive.

Frank C.

Recently got my car Ceramic Coated (silver package) and tinted. Car came out looking amazing and smooth. Sam is professional and him and his team are very knowledgeable on the products they use and are extremely detailed with their prep work and process. He pointed out to me the tintjob done for my car was not up to their standard and showed me where the tint wasn't perfect as their usual tinter had been out due to medical reasons. Will be going back to get my tint redone by them as Sam offered to have it redone at no charge. This gesture shows how much they value the quality of their work and don't stand for nothing less than perfection. Will definitely be taking my car here for any future detailing needs and will gladly recommend his business to anyone looking to do any paint correction, coating, or PPF.

GET $75 Off Window Tint!!

First 100 People Only!