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Window Tinting Services
in Orange County, CA

Reduce sun glare, enhance privacy, and improve the look of your car with window tinting done by Wicked Auto Films and Detailing. At Wicked Auto Films and Detailing we use only the best materials — including Rayno Phantom and 3M™ products — which allow for a sleek look, unparalleled clarity and reduced sun glare. Keep your favorite car looking great with window tinting done by Wicked Auto Films and Detailing here in Santa Ana, CA.

Why Wicked?

Why Wicked? Why anywhere else? Here at Wicked Auto Films and Detailing, we treat you like family from start to finish, taking care of your vehicle as if it was one of our own. When you choose Wicked Auto Films and Detailing to install your window tint, you can be assured you’ll get the best possible service and top-notch materials — every single time. Using the finest products such as 3M™ Ceramic IR, 3M™ Crystalline, and Rayno Phantom Series, we keep your car looking great here at Wicked Auto Films and Detailing in Santa Ana, CA.

Wicked Auto Detailing

3M™ Products

Are you having your windows tinted? Then choose 3M™ Window Film products, the leaders in breakthrough window film technology. 3M™ offers a variety of window films to choose from, including the revolutionary, all-new 3M™ Crystalline Series. Increase visibility, reduce glare, and keep your car cool with 3M™ lineup of premium window films, available here at Wicked Auto Films and Detailing.

3M™ Crystalline Series​

3M™’s latest breakthrough in automotive window film technology, The Crystalline Series blocks out more heat than many competing dark window films — all without changing the look of your vehicle. The Crystalline Series features proprietary optical film nanotechnology, which is capable of blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light while providing a Sun Protection Factor of 1000, keeping you and your passengers safe. With up to 60% solar energy rejection, 3M™’s Crystalline Series blocks up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy a comfortable and cool drive. 


When properly installed by an authorized 3M™ retailer, The Crystalline Series of window films are extremely durable and essentially maintenance-free — all while being backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Rayno Window Film

Rayno Phantom Series

Blending the best traits offered by carbon window tint and ceramic window film, the Rayno Phantom Series of automotive window films offers unbeatable sun protection and a stylish look not offered by any other manufacturer. Rayno’s proprietary Phantom Carbon Ceramic window films reduce the glare and haze typically found on carbon films while maintaining the incredible durability they offer. Utilizing high-purity ceramic particles, Rayno Phantom Series ensures better true color stability and visibility than its competitors — making it the perfect automotive window film. 

The Phantom Series of window films comes in three different levels: Phantom S5, Phantom S7 and Phantom S9. Offered in black, the Phantom S5 window film holds true color 35% better than the leading competition. A step up from the S5, the Phantom S7 comes in a charcoal color and holds true color 38% better than its competition. Rayno’s top offering in the Phantom Series, the S9 window film is also a charcoal color and holds true color a whopping 54% better than leading competitors. No matter which level of Rayno Phantom Window Films you choose, know that you’ll be outperforming the competition every time.


If you’re looking for the strongest protection from harmful UV rays, you’ll want to check out the Rayno Phantom Series of automotive window films, available here at Wicked Auto Films and Detailing in Santa Ana. 

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