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The Run Rally Experience

Updated: Mar 7

The Run rally was founded in 2013 and is an automotive driving enthusiasts escape.

All the expectations of a road rally event are standard, from great people and awesome cars to spectacular roads and raging after parties! That said, what sets the rally apart is its theme park ride approach.

The Run Rally is the only first person live action automotive event series celebrating driving enthusiasts. Each event combine white knuckle driving and theatrical themes to provide a fun and unforgettable rally experience. Actors, actresses and models are used to create an alternate reality to allow attendees to escape and live a day in the movies.

The upcoming OutRun June 14 to 16 is themed after the late 80's / early 90's synth-wave aesthetic, popularized largely by 80's video games and movies. Prepare to journey from Los Angeles to Palm Springs to San Diego in an epic 3 day rally adventure.

Registration details can be found on the link below including all amenities for yourself and co-pilot.

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