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SPS continues to develop what is considered to be one of the most advanced protective coatings in the industry. SPS coatings are engineered to increase durability and performance by utilizing advanced nano technology including graphene, the most studied materials since winning the Noble Prize in 2010. SPS works alongside with engineers and scientists to further advance our technology.

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Graphene Coating

What is Graphene?


Graphene is said to be a miracle material because of an abundance of helpful properties. In it's simplest form which is a thin one one atom thick particle, it is the lightest, toughest and most thin material in existence. 


Graphene is a carbon based material containing oxygen functionalities. Graphene oxide can be easily dispersed in organic solvents, water or other polymer matrix. This consonance as a filler with polymer coatings (polydimethylsiloxanes) is imperative as it allows coatings to benefit from its properties. 


Graphene can decrease water spotting potential by up to 50% and some stubborn etchings will be less like to penetrate surfaces due to its ability to retain less heat than a ceramic coating. Etching is generally caused by panels heating up when they have water spots, bird droppings or other chemicals sitting on the surface.


Graphene has low surface friction and a high contact angle of 125 degrees, graphene helps resist fine swirling and scratches when washed corrected much like ceramic coating. Graphene is also incredibly hydrophobic and beads water very well. 


Graphene has an amazing 5 year rated bond with the surface when installed professionally.


Graphene ensures bird droppings, tree sap, dead bugs, and harsh chemicals will be less likely to penetrate and damage treated surfaces. 


Graphene even when stretched in its one atom thick form does not tear due to its high tensile strength. When combined with PDMS coating, graphehe can help to make for a neven stronger coating.


With all the same great benefits as a ceramic coating, graphene is easy to clean, provides a wet glossy look, enhances reflectivity and has both anti fouling and UV resistant properties.

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Metal Oxide Coating

What is the Metal Oxide coating?


Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) nanoparticles work as heat shields in the near infrared region of solar radiation and are also used to protect sensitive materials. They are common in protective coatings due to their optical transparency. 


A flexible polymer matrix (PDMS) allows for the creation of coatings with great ATO properties such as high mechanical strength and thermal stability. 


The properties of ATO (aluminum tin oxide) and PDMS help to repel heat from the surface which reduces the chance of chemical etching. 


Metal Oxide features an amazing 3 year rated bond with the surface when installed professionally.


Metal Oxide decreases water spotting potential by repelling heat from the surface which can reduce etching. Etching will be likely to penetrate treated surfaces.


Low surface friction and slickness allows metal oxide to resist fine scratching and swirling when wash correctly and is amazingly hydrophobic.


Metal Oxide allows for easier cleaning by having a rapid water dispersing effect and provides a bright, glossy look, enhances reflectivity and has Anti fouling properties.

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