Tesla Protection Specials!

Limited Time Offer!

Keep your Tesla looking new with our TESLA SPECIAL Ceramic Pro Bronze Package / Wicked Gold Package combo!
For only $995 for Model 3 and Model S and $1,195 for Model Y and Model X, you get:
  • Eco Friendly Rinse-less wash with Feynlab Pure-Rinseless
  • Clay bar to remove contamination
  • A 1-stage paint correction to remove up to 50% of swirls/imperfections and enhance color depth with a high gloss polish
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Top Coat applied to paint (warrantied for 2 years)
  • Thorough vehicle vacuuming
  • In-depth wipe down of all interior surfaces with interior cleaner
Protect your Tesla's paint! Call us today!
Watch videos of these protection services below!
bronze test.png
gold test.png