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Ceramic Coating Services in Orange County

Ceramic Pro CERAMIC Coatings

Other Protection Services


Ceramic Pro CERAMIC COatings

Here at Wicked Auto Films and Detailing we are a NEXGEN ceramic coating installer as well as Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Coating applications are the latest and greatest technology in the auto detailing and paint protection industry. Ceramic Coatings are a permanent wax replacement and offer far more advanced paint protection than any wax or sealant on the market. Ceramic Coatings are a long term solution to savings on auto detailing and paint/vehicle value preservation. We carry Ceramic Pro tradionial 9h ceramic and Top Coat.

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Other Protection Services

Need something else? Wicked offers a variety of other protection services, including clear bra applications, PPF , /Vinyl coatings, wheel coatings, wheel repair, vinyl wrap, tire coating, and powder coating.

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