Why Choose Wicked?

Take 5-10 minutes to read this fully to understand the Wicked Work Ethic and how Wicked can help you with your vehicle problems!

Why should you choose Wicked over other services? You’ve probably heard all sorts of sales pitches while shopping around for your ceramic coating, detail or other protective services, you don’t know what to believe or who’s actually going to do the best job or use the best product because everyone says they are best! How many of those services were actually interested in helping you solve the problem you are having over just taking your money so they can move onto the next car? You’ve called, emailed, or texted because you have a problem. That is problem is one of a few things!

  • Cleaning up your vehicle from day to day use

  • Restoring the paint and removing swirls or defects from the finish

  • Protecting your vehicle from further damage

  • Preserving the value of your new vehicle or your classic collectible

  • Getting ready for that big car show that you want to take home the gold medal at for best paint!

Here at Wicked I am here to help you! Paint and cars are expensive and its easy to lose value on your vehicle when damage is done whether from daily driving or someone inexperienced messing up on the job, its my job to help provide you the knowledge, experience, steady hands and attention to detail that will help bring out the best in your car whether you are looking for a basic clean up or a show car finish. I am going to solve that problem you are having and provide you exactly what YOU NEED for your car not what someone else wants to do because it makes them more money.


Do you feel like you’re just being sold on the top of the line package? Did you call a business and they tried to sell you their highest level ceramic coating, 3 stages of paint correction and a full car wrap in paint protection film when maybe your budget is limited or this is just a daily beater that you want to somewhat preserve the value on, make it look nice and easy to clean? Thats not what Wicked is about. I am going to help you get the most for your money, give your vehicle a wild improvement to how it looks now and make sure you leave with a smile on your face ready to leave a good review even if you were asked! not that I would do that! if you review me, its because you wanted to!


The top of the line products I use help to keep your vehicle looking its best whether you go with our lowest cost package or the show car winning detail. Every product Wicked stocks is used to ensure that we help our customers get the best results possible from any of my detailing/correction/coating packages. Proper decontamination, Water based compounds and polishes to ensure true correction on your swirl problem, proper panel prep sprays to remove oils left behind for proper coating bonding are all things that will help ensure you get the best finished product upon completion! Its taken me many years to figure out the best ways to help my customers get the best results when fixing their swirl and paint protection problems. Lots of passion and research went into Wicked’s techniques!

There is no best ceramic coating out there, there is no best paint protection film, there are only user preferences. IT comes down to knowledge and experience on how to use any given product. Wicked could take a consumer brand coating that you order on amazon and use it to help your car while ensuring you get the true longevity and proper paint prep that is associated with a ceramic coating lasting a long time. I will say again there is no BEST BRAND. Coatings are designed to help protect your vehicle and most of them are made from the same chemicals! More than 75% of brands out there aren’t unique at all, they are produced in the same places and then re-branded and sold to you by an authorized professional to be the best on the market! This is just marketing gimmicks.


Common Misconceptions about coatings:


  • They are scratch proof and prevent swirls

  • They are water spot proof

  • They protect against rock chips

  • They prevent all chemical staining from reaching your clear coat

  • They last a life time

  • They need an annual maintenance treatment specific to the brand in order to last the warranty time

  • They heal out deep scratches or prevent dings, dents and other deep damage

  • Coatings are many microns thick

None of this is true! But I bet most services will never admit it, you’ll take damage and they will blame something else or blame you for it. How is that helping you as a consumer? it's not. No one but Wicked will help give it to you straight. All coatings are for the most part the same. 

Why does Wicked use Feynlab and how can it be beneficial to your vehicle? The unique thing about feynlab ceramic coating is it is one of few coatings that is made in America and not re branded, it also has special self healing coatings which over time can heal out swirls and scratches from improper wash techniques. Is it bullet proof and works wonders on every paint system? No! Just like PPF it only heals as thick as that coating is. Our coatings range 2-3 microns to 10-15 microns thick! Self healing is a super unique feature that few other brands offer or have the technology for but it is not the end all be all! It definitely helps the problem you have which is swirls coming back after you wash your freshly corrected car. It will help to provide you a nicer finish for longer but only if you help us to help you care for your car after! Listen to our instructions or let us maintain your vehicle to ensure we make sure your car looks nice for many years to come no matter what which package you choose!


Is Feynlab the best ceramic coating out there? I’m not going to say yes or no even though I support this brand 100%, The reason being is that at the end of the day, its a ceramic coating that is designed to help make your vehicle shiny, hydrophobic, have light scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV protection, easy cleaning, always new look, save you money because you do not need to wax your vehicle ever again, and help you feel good about your vehicle when you look back at it after exiting. All Ceramic coatings provide this effect assuming the paint is prepped correctly and the coating is installed correctly and cared for thereafter.

Wicked’s job is ensure to that the customer gets the best quality and best bang for your buck as you shop around for your detailing, paint correction or ceramic coating service that you need help with. I want to make sure you have the best experience no matter what package you buy. You don’t need to spend the most money possible on your vehicle because chances are, in a few years, you might have crashed it, sold it or you may be too busy and neglected your coating to the point of failure. It happens sometimes. I don’t want you to spend too much money on a service because we’ve watched this happen over and over again over the years. Most shops just want your money, but I want a relationship for life and to help you get the best service possible to suit your needs.


Let me help you to make your vehicle look good! I am also conveniently mobile so you don’t even need to leave your house! I will help you to find time in your busy schedule to take care of your vehicle without you needing to do anything other than provide me a garage and a couple power outlets to service you. Over 160 reviews between yelp, google and facebook from years of service helping clients get the best quality and customer service. I stand by my work 100% because your needs are what matter most to me. 


So what are you waiting for!? Give us a call or submit your contact info today using the form below! I look forward to servicing you and helping you solve your swirl and paint protection problems!

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