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Lake Forest

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

If you love your car, you probably want to make sure the exterior stays beautiful. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of elements that can get in the way of that: rain, bugs, and even the air itself can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s appearance.

This is why mobile detailing is so valuable: it allows you to keep your car looking beautiful for years to come. Below, you’ll learn about the various auto detailing services that Wicked Auto Detailing offers in Lake Forest, California.

Mobile Detailing

While some auto detailing shops require you to come to them, we endeavor to make things more convenient by coming to you. This means you can sit back and live your life while we ensure that your vehicle looks absolutely stunning.

Our mobile detailing services are offered free of charge to anyone in Orange County. If you’re outside of county lines, please call us ahead of time so we can determine the amount of time required to get to you.

Paint Correction

Many of our detailing services are designed to protect your vehicle’s paint and exterior, but what if it’s already chipped or faded? In that case, we’ll work on your vehicle to ensure it has a beautiful color.

We’ve worked with a variety of different vehicles and paints, so you can rest easy knowing that we’re prepared to give your car a clean look.

Clear Bra

Clear bra is state-of-the-art vehicle detailing. It’s a clear film which can protect your vehicle from the many things that can chip or otherwise blemish your vehicle’s exterior.

While clear bra takes all the impact of anything that would otherwise wear away at your vehicle’s paint, it’s designed to be self-healing. When you run the engine or put the vehicle in sunlight, the imperfections will disappear from the film. If there’s any damage that can’t be healed, the clear bra itself is also replaceable.

Ceramic Coating

Like clear bra, ceramic coating is designed to protect your vehicle from damage. We here at Wicked Auto Detailing are proud to offer Feynlab Coatings, one of the biggest innovators in the field who have been unparalleled for 15 years.

This ceramic coating uses nanotechnology and can give your car a stunning, glossy look.

Expert Auto Detailing in Lake Forest, CA - Wicked Auto Detailing

If you’re looking for expert auto detailing in Lake Forest, California, you’ve come to the right place. At Wicked Auto Detailing, we’re committed to making sure Californians have access to all of the auto detailing services that can help them keep their vehicles looking beautiful.

We’re car lovers ourselves, which is why you can rest easy knowing that we’re here to take care of you. If you have any questions about what we can do for you and your vehicle, please reach out to us by calling (617) 901-1417. You can also email us at or reach out to us via our contact form.

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